For us it is the bottom line; In who we are, what we do and why we do it

It is…

who we are:

Wine is what we are about. We believe in it. It is a gift we treasure and are pleased to have built our living around. It enriches our lives.

what we do:

Distribution is what we do. We are dedicated to finding the best from around the world and bringing them to the most discerning clients; on and off-premise locations, dedicated to the sales of premium wines in Michigan.

why we do it:

Service is the point of it all. We believe we are here to help and are committed to doing our part; whether that is simply getting it to you on time or training your staff to help sell wines successfully to your guests.

We’re convinced education about wine is a key aspect of the service we must provide. Believing that:

The more you know about wine, the more you’ll want to know about us.


Wine Distribution Service